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About us

And our passion for glass

We overcome the limits with technology

Combining the best ceramic printing technology with the vast experience in processing glass of the manufacturer TGP resulted in Cerapixel (Ceramic-Pixel) brand.

Unlike other materials, glass is a transparent and impermeable surface, thus printing on glass requires a new approach.

Our supplier, Dip Tech, along with academic institutions worldwide have developed a technology for the digital printing on glass, using ink with ceramic particles which, at a temperature of more than 500 degrees, fuses with glass, hence becoming incredibly resistant.

Using printed glass in any type of environment

Thousands of projects carried out around the world, in which ceramic printed glass is successfully used in any type of environment, either indoors or outdoors, guarantees the resistance and versatility of the ceramic glass printing.

The absence of worries related to UV radiations or associated to aging, as well as the supplementary functions such as Solar Control or Privacy Control ensure the successful use of printed glass in architecture for the buildings’ facades and for the exterior adornments and safety.

Printed glass is attractive, durable, easy to clean, it is not affected by water exposure or solvents; that’s why printed glass can be used in humid environments such as bathrooms – panels and shower cabins or printed glass tiling.

Printed glass detail
Printed glass detail

Unlimited possibilities

Applying the image directly on glass and the possibility to control the thickness of the ink layer allow rendering incredibly accurate details.

The printer is capable of passing easily form thick, opaque ink layers to thin, delicate ones, like texts and textures.

The most opaque and bright ceramic prints coming from the use of seven basic colours: blue, green, white, orange, red, black and yellow reproduce almost all colours of the spectrum.

Cerapixel is more than printing on glass. It is imagination incorporated in glass.