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Printed glass shower enclosure

Tempered, heat-resistant, ceramic printed shower enclosure

Printed glass shower enclosure collections

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Printed glass shower enclosures for modern bathrooms

The printed glass shower enclosure is surely the element that transforms your bathroom from a functional space into a modern and easy to maintain one.

The multitude of Cerapixel printed glass models offers limitless surprising and useful options for compartmentalization.

Bathroom printed glass with ceramic ink, which is made with 1410 dpi resolution, renders an accurate image of the details of the chosen graphics.

Cerapixel technology offers an incredibly accurate rendering of details for you to enjoy the uniqueness of textures provided by nature and universe, the resistance, versatility and effortless cleaning of glass.

The process of thermal treatment, called securing and done after printing, fuses the ink to glass and, also, increases the glass resistance by 5 times and protects it in case of breaking.

Choosing an inspired model ensures harmonisation of all elements into a pleasant and unitary space.