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Cerapixel Image Editor

Image editor is a tool with advanced image processing functions: adjusting brightness, saturation, shades, applying filters, adding text, stickers, rotating and cropping.

Cerapixel comes to your aid with the image editor, which offers a multitude of functions to create your desired image. It works on all modern browsers, both on desktop and on mobile.

6 easy steps for using Cerapixel Editor

1. Uploading the image

Upload the desired image using the Choose File button

2. Cerapixel Editor

The image will open automatically in Cerapixel Editor

3. Editing the image

Edit the image according to your preferences and needs

4. Saving changes

Click Save to save your changes

5. Completion of the process

Fill in the required information and click Send

6. Project start

You will be contacted after we'll examine the information sent


Easy to use for customizing images

Wide range of editing functions and tools

Integrated in the image upload form

Resource library integrated in the editor

Explore new possibilities