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Printed glass for kitchen

Printed glass and creativity for unique spaces


Printed glass products for kitchen

The products are made to order.

Printed glass for modern kitchens

Printed glass is the cutting-edge element which makes your kitchen a stylish and easy to maintain space.

The multitude of Cerapixel printed glass models matches perfectly your imagination, bringing you colour and joy every day.

Ask for more from your space

Details are essential

Printing is made with 1410 dpi resolution which allows an accurate and detailed reproduction of images.

The incredible level of details is possible only due to Cerapixel technology, which is capable to control the thickness of the ink layer and its opacity.

Using printed glass for kitchen can make you enjoy the beauty of various textures such as marble, stone, natural fibres, sand, wood and appreciate the resistance, versatility and effortless cleaning of glass.

The advantages of ceramic printed glass products

Post printing, the glass goes through thermal tempering which makes the ink fusing to glass and makes the glass 5 times more resistant and secure in case of breaking.

The effortless cleaning and using the regular cleaning products means time and resources saving.

Customizing the printing is personalizing your space and bringing harmony to it.

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