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Printed glass for office spaces

Printed glass for inspiring spaces


Printed glass products for office spaces

Products are made to measure

Modern offices with printed glass

Transform your office into a modern, functional and attractive space.

We recommend our collections which include ideas of compartmentalization and various models: geometrical, art, luxury, minimalist.

Each panel of printed glass, which is inspired by the models of our collections, redesigns your working environment, making a creative and stimulating atmosphere.

Details are necessary

Imprinting with 1410 dpi resolution makes the printed glass panels for office render each detail of the chosen model with high precision, at the same time ensuring a transparent workplace, of trust and cooperation.

Cerapixel technology meets your needs and preferences, offering versatility, resistance and easiness in maintaining the glass.

Avantages of ceramic printed glass

Apart from the fact that it ensures fusing the ceramic ink to glass, the process of securing increases the glass resistance by 5 times and protects it in case of breaking.

Create your workplace to make you stand out, reducing the maintenance costs considerably.

Inspired models transform labour into an enjoyable and promising activity.

Select the category and choose the suitable product.